My Hero Academia Reveals What Keeps Izuku Pushing Forward

My Hero Academia's been putting Izuku Midoriya through his toughest series of challenges to date, [...]

My Hero Academia's been putting Izuku Midoriya through his toughest series of challenges to date, and the newest chapter explores what exactly is keeping him pushing forward despite all of the recent trauma enacted onto him. The Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series has begun, and while there is still no way to tell just how long this will last, the status quo has shifted in a significant way. Ever since he left U.A. Academy, Izuku has been slowly isolating himself more from those around him who want to help as he's afraid of putting them in danger.

This became even more intense as he found out that Lady Nagant was only one of the hired guns that All For One had sent after him. Now that he knows for sure that he's become All For One's prime target, the previous chapter of the series saw him fighting even more alone than ever before as he distinctly chose to distance himself from All Might and the other pro heroes. The newest chapter of the series then follows this up by explaining how he's still moving his feet.

Chapter 318 of the series reveals an Izuku who's more exhausted than ever. He's been fighting constantly at the peak of his current One For All power without breaks or rest, and it's left him haggard. He feels like he's fine as long as he's still on his feet, but even the One For All vestiges are struggling with the fact that Izuku has pushed beyond a noticeable breaking point. But Izuku literally has the world on his shoulders. As he explains in the chapter, he's got a ton on his plate that he needs to figure out fast.

He needs to find All For One, put a stop to Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains, and he needs to complete his mastery of One For All before anyone else is in danger. As he flashes back to everyone important in his life like his mother, All Might, Eri, and the members of Class 1-A, and strives to keep fighting so that they can finally be at peace and smile again like they did before the Paranormal Liberation Front War, before everything went to hell.

Izuku might be carrying all of this on his shoulders, but the end of the chapter further emphasizes what's going to separate him from the past vestiges and further separate him from All Might. He doesn't have to fight alone. He's got friends and allies like Katsuki Bakugo who will be there to also help him fight against the darkness. And it's those allies that will keep him from full become the shadow of the hero he's turned into.

But what do you think of My Hero Academia's new path for Izuku? Do you think he'll finally get some rest? Is that even possible with All For One's threat still at large? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!