My Hero Academia Has Formed a New Hero Task Force

My Hero Academia is going through its final phase these days, and that means there is a lot for our pros to comb through. A ton of secrets have been revealed the last few months, and the villains are now thriving something awful. This means our heroes are on the ropes, but All Might will not let his team lose without a fight. So of course, the Symbol of Peace made a task force to combat All For One. 

The whole thing came to light in chapter 340 of My Hero Academia. As you can see, the update begins with All Might and Hawks pulling together a team of select allies. It turns out these two have brought the group together to strategize after vetting each one individually.

"This business with Aoyama means we'll be forced to take decisive action all at once. We've deemed each of you here to be trustworthy based on certain factors regarding your situations and actions. So, we're ready to move ahead with this conversation," Hawks tells the group.

"Endeavor, Jeanist, and the other big heroes are in command out in the field at the moment. And since this classified meeting had to be thrown together in a hurry, we're keeping our circle nice and small, safety first and all."

As the My Hero Academia chapter explains, some familiar faces can be found in this group. Ragdoll has been put on the strategy team while the rest of the Wild Wild Pussycats work in the field. Others like Detective Tsukauchi and his personal team are on this squad. And of course, our big pros are still on the roster even though they are out working the frontlines.

All Might and the team are found strategizing in this chapter, so it seems things are about to pop off with our villains. The squad may be small, but just like Hawk said, the smaller the circle the better. After Aoyama was found out as a traitor, you cannot be too careful, and our My Hero Academia leads know that all too well.

What do you make of this new team of heroes? How do you expect My Hero Academia's next arc to go? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.