My Hero Academia: Shigaraki Pulls Back From All For One in New Chapter

My Hero Academia has been feeding its villains well this past year, but not every baddie has made [...]

My Hero Academia has been feeding its villains well this past year, but not every baddie has made it out on top. Shigaraki may be one of the most powerful villains in the series, but he has his own demons to contend with these days. After all, it seems All For One won't be so hands-free with his protege any longer, and a recent update shows how unhappy Shigaraki is with this turnaround.

The update went live in the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia. The whole chapter focused on Shigaraki's mission to break All For One out of jail. Of course, the plan went without a hitch as the super-max prison never saw the break-in coming. But before everything was said and done, Shigaraki and All For One squared off.

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Like before, Shigaraki is seen splitting from his master's control as All For One controls the young man's body. Shigaraki says he refuses to be a puppet to his master and wants control over his body once more. All For One listens to every word, but he is quick to remind Shigaraki that he is the one who wanted this power for so long.

"But wasn't it you who desired my power," All For One asks the boy. "You spat upon the world that didn't so much as extend a helping hand, and you desired the strength to make good on your hatred. This is the result of your powerful will."

As the My Hero Academia chapter continues, All For One stresses he only wants the best for Shigaraki, but his manipulative pleas are easy to call out. Shigaraki is being used in the grossest of ways right now. And if he thinks it will stop now that All For One is free, well - he is wrong. Izuku was right when he saw Shigaraki ask for help a few chapters back, but the question remains whether the young man knows that himself.

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