My Hero Academia Has Plotted Twice's Perfect Comeback

As of late, all eyes are on My Hero Academia as the manga is walking through its final phase. Our pro heroes have been cornered by villains on all sides, but they aren't going to let All For One bully them. A plan is ready to go against the League of Villains, but they have their own strategy in mind. And as it turns out, the plan involves none other than Twice!

You have been warned! There are major spoilers below for My Hero Academia chapter 341 below!

In this week's update, My Hero Academia leans into Toga after a good break from the villain. The girl revisits her childhood home and thinks back on her youth after the place was ransacked by the public. Her visit is cut short by Dabi who helps her destroy the building once and for all. But before they part, Dabi and Toga reveal the League's plans to bring back a piece of Twice from the dead.

"If the person's close to your heart, you'll be able to use their quirk by drinking their blood. Before Machia whisked us away, I made sure to grab the original body's blood," Dabi shared. "Twice's blood, that is. We'll help that sad, sad parade to keep march."

As you can imagine, no one expected Twice to make a return after his death at Hawks' hands. His loss was hard to bear, but Hawks felt the man's quirk was too dangerous to let run unchecked. Now, Toga will be able to channel Twice even in death, and you can bet she will use his quirk to wreak absolute havoc on our pros.

It is also good to know a bit more about Toga's new power. If you noticed, Dabi gave a concrete explanation for why the girl can now use the powers of those she drinks from. Just like Toga was able to use Ochaco's quirk back in the day, she will do the same for Twice shortly. And if given the chance, there is no doubt Toga will channel One For All once she finds Izuku. 

What do you think about Toga's plans for Twice and his quirk? Did you believe the villain was long done with...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.