My Hero Academia Cosplay Brings Back Midnight

My Hero Academia has said goodbye to many of the heroes and villains in the series thanks to the events of the Paranormal Liberation Front War arc in the first half of the anime's sixth season, and one awesome cosplay has brought back Midnight to the spotlight to help celebrate her time in the series! There were a few notable heroes that lost their lives during the course of the war, but the biggest undoubtedly was Midnight as she used her final moments to give Momo Yaoyorozu and the other hero students one last task before she was taken down by the heroes

With the second half of Season 6 confirming that Midnight indeed lost her life during the war, now the other heroes have begun the long road to recovery without one of the key teachers at U.A. Academy. It remains to be seen what kind of world Japan will turn into without one of the key heroes in it, but thankfully fans are keeping her alive through awesome cosplay such as artist @vkryp who brought Midnight to life again on Instagram. Check it out: 

What Happens to Midnight in My Hero Academia Season 6? 

In the climax of the war between the heroes and villains in the first half of the currently airing Season 6, Midnight was one of the heroes who tried their best to stop Gigantomachia from reaching Tomura Shigaraki's side. But while she tried to put the monster to sleep, she was one of the heroes surprised to find that the League of Members villains were riding on its back. Caught in a surprise attack as a result, Midnight fell to the battlefield completely injured. 

As a group of villains drew near, she used her final moments to communicate her ultimate plan to Yaoyorozu to somehow put the villain to sleep and then get away from the area safely. Unfortunately, following the battle the students found their teacher lifeless on the battlefield and she was one of the major casualties. Now the hero society is changing forever as the villains continue to cause chaos and the heroes try their best to keep everything together. 

What did you think of Midnight's final outing in My Hero Academia's anime? Was it a proper send off for the fan favorite? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything anime in the comments!