My Hero Academia Season 6 Names Midnight the MVP After Spotlight Episode

My Hero Academia's sixth season has continued the intense fight between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front, and the newest episode of the series has honored Midnight's big moment in the season by granted her the MVP award for the episode! The heroes have been dealing with a string of surprises as not only has Tomura Shigaraki proven to be much stronger than they were prepared for, but as a result Gigantomachia has joined the fight as well as the monster attempts to rush to his master's side to help him. But that's only the beginning of the complications apparently.

With many of the top heroes still dealing with Shigaraki directly, and those at Jaku also still dealing with the stronger members of the Paranormal Liberation Front, this left only a few heroes who could help against trying to stop Gigantomachia. Mt. Lady was doing her best to help slow him down, but Midnight attempts to jump into the fray as well before she's surprised by the fact that Dabi and the rest of the League of Villains were hitching a ride on the monster's back: 

What Happened to Midnight in My Hero Academia Episode 120?

As Midnight tries to stop Gigantomachia by putting the monster to sleep by her power, she's suddenly caught in Dabi's flames as the heroes didn't notice that the League of Villains members were all riding on the monster's back. Though Midnight makes it through this fiery attack, she's pushed back by Mr. Compress, who summons up a few pieces of debris that caught her in mid-air and send her tumbling towards the ground more damaged than before. 

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Midnight is injured severely by this attack, and as a group of villains starts rushing towards her she musters up enough to give orders to Momo Yaoyorozu and the other students to put the monster to sleep and run away from the battle after. It's a bad place to leave the hero given that she's alone and likely far too injured to fight back, but unfortunately for now her seemingly final moments have been honored by the series' fans leading into the rest of the war. 

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