My Hero Academia Explains Muscular's Villainous Motives

My Hero Academia explained Muscular's villainous motives with the newest chapter of the series! Muscular was introduced during the League of Villains' first major raid in their current form during the Forest Training arc of the series, and while strong, he was not exactly a complicated type of villain as he seemed to want to cause as much death and destruction as possible. But with the final act of Kohei Horikoshi's series officially beginning and bringing him back to the series for a fateful rematch against Izuku Midoriya, we have learned that much more about this villain.

The newest chapter of the series continues after the previous cliffhanger in which Deku manages to save Shindo from Muscular's assault, and the villain is just delighted to see the young hero again. He's been riled up at the chance to go all out against the young hero once more, and as he tries to taunt Izuku, the chapter also fleshes out his motivations and reveals that there was really no hope of redemption for him.

My Hero Academia Muscular Villain Motives Explained Spoilers
(Photo: Shueisha)

Muscular initially seemed just like a brute villain without much complication, and that seems to be exactly the case with Chapter 308 of the series. He reveals that he just wanted to go wild with his quirk, and being freed by All For One gave him the chance to do just that. He wanted a good fight after being beaten by Izuku before, but that just seems like the start of what he's truly after.

Izuku tries to speak with him to see if there's something deeper and more human underneath his villainy, but Muscular denies this and says that he really just wanted to rage without regrets. Regrets that would really only come about if he was somehow not allowed to do what he wanted. While this seems it could just be him being braggadocious, he ultimately says all he's seeking is "blood and violence."

This isn't what Izuku wants to hear since he wants to save as many people as he can and would rather avoid violence, but he has to give Musuclar what he wants in the end. He has to give Muscular that violence he craves in order to put a stop to him. But what do you think?


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