My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Teases Izuku's Timeskip Comeback

My Hero Academia's latest cliffhanger leaves fans with the big tease of finally getting to see [...]

My Hero Academia's latest cliffhanger leaves fans with the big tease of finally getting to see Izuku Midoriya in full-fledged hero mode as "Deku," after the series' time-skip. My Hero Academia threw fans for a major loop after the post-war status quo was completely realigned. Instead of the war being the next step in Izuku (and his classmates') progression towards being a pro hero, the entire pro hero system has been left teetering on the brink, as the villains have regrouped into an even worse army than before. Izuku has finally accessed the full potential of One For All to counter this new threat - but we have no idea what he can do - yet...

Warning: My Hero Academia Chapter 307 SPOILERS Follow!

The new chapter of My Hero Academia's manga is the first one to pick up after the time-skip of the previous chapter. Izuku has left U.A., after both he and All Might finally reveal the truth of One For All's power and its connection to All For One, to both the Class 1-A students and top pro heroes (respectively). The beginning of the post-time-skip arc ("The Final Act Begins") showed Izuku overlooking the city from a Batman-style perch, as some villain started wreaking havoc that demolished buildings.

In chapter 307 of My Hero Academia, we learn that the villain in question is none other than Izuku's old foe Muscular, whom he faced during the League of Villains' ambush of U.A.'s summer training camp. It couldn't be more fitting, really: Izuku's battle with Muscular is one of the defining moments that started him on his trajectory toward becoming Deku, the no. 1 hero - now this second round fight could actually be the one that reveals Deku is indeed the no. 1 hero around!

My Hero Academia Chapter 307 Spoilers Deku vs Muscular Manga
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The cliffhanger of My Hero Academia chapter 307 shows Deku swoop in full hero persona to save Ketsubutsu Academy's Yo Shindo and Tatami Nakagame from Musuclar's brutal assault. Deku seems to talk in a different sort of voice (as evidenced by a new kind of dialogue bubble) and is eerily calm and confident. Deku isn't surprised to see Muscular, as his "
Danger Sense" (from the 4th OFA user), was ringing loud enough to warrant a significant threat.

We don't know how Izuku Midoriya's mini-arc communion with OFA's users resolved itself - we just know that he's presumably managed to unlock the full potential. of the power - and the six other user quirks that come with it. But the real question is how Izuku's mind has been affected by unifying with the previous users - because it seems the boy we've known may not have returned from that meeting, at all.

My Hero Academia releases new manga chapters weekly online. The anime has begun streaming season 5 on Hulu and Funimation.