My Hero Academia Debuts Izuku's Latest One For All Power

Izuku Midoriya grew up not knowing the ins and outs of having a quirk, but he has definitely caught up on it. After all, My Hero Academia got started when All Might offered to give his legendary quirk to the boy, and Izuku has learned plenty about the power since then. And now, it seems Izuku has unlocked yet another facet of One For All.

The whole ordeal came to light when My Hero Academia put out its latest chapter. It was there fans were united with Izuku following a harrowing time-skip, and the boy is looking rough. Following the escape of All For One, Izuku has left school to work solo while keeping his loved ones safe. He even steps in to save one friend when they get targeted by Muscular, and Izuku fights back with his newest quirk.

my hero academia

At last, Izuku has found a way to summon the quirk of En, the sixth inheritor of One For All. Izuku is able to billow a large smokescreen during the fight with Muscular that obscures a few blocks. The boy is then able to confer with the vestige in his head about how he overdid the smoke bomb, and En admits Izuku is loaded with such power that controlling the vestiges' quirks is hard.

As the chapter goes on, My Hero Academia fans watched as Izuku better uses two of his extra quirks. He not only uses Nana Shimura's float on command, but he uses Black Whip as well. These powers combine with One For All in a way that would make any villain cringe, so you can see why Muscular is blown away in the end. So now, it seems Izuku has a few more powers to unlock before he's tapped One For All dry.

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