My Hero Academia Explains How Izuku Changed Muscular for the Worse

My Hero Academia's War Arc in the pages of its manga changed the landscape of the universe that brought us UA Academy forever, and a big-time skip has shown us a very different version of Deku as he tests his might against a returned Muscular. Unfortunately, it seems as if the original fight between Izuku and the terrifying villain back during the third season of the anime had changed the mind of Muscular for the worse. Considering how broken Muscular was from the start, it's clear that this would be no easy battle.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 308, there will be spoilers in the rest of this article.

Muscular's Quirk allows him to boost and make his muscles larger, to the point where he is able to stand toe to toe with blows that All Might would deliver at his most powerful. Though Izuku was able to barely defeat him in their original battle, it's clear that Muscular's mindset changed as a result of his defeat and his love of the battle that they shared.

My Hero Academia Muscular Midoriya
(Photo: Studio Bones)

"Midoriya. I've missed you, little guy. All these pathetic wimps just don't measure up. It's not enough." Muscular notes in this latest chapter of the manga, "I ain't out for revenge or anything so dramatic. The way I see it going with my Quirk is all I could ever ask for, but I'm only human, y'know. You taught me a new meaning of fun, back then, and that was the point of no return."


Muscular was freed as a result of the prison break that Shigaraki and the League of Villains had put into motion in order to free the all-powerful All For One, and it's clear that his new mindset has him releasing the full force of his Quirk any time he can. Luckily for the world of heroes, Izuku had made some big changes as well, as he is able to apparently take down Muscular by using the full force of One For All. Now being able to use the powers that are linked to his Quirk, while also getting advice from the Vestiges of One For All, it seems as if Deku has become one of the most powerful heroes in the world today.

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