My Hero Academia Needs to End The Mystery of Dabi's Real Name

My Hero Academia's storyline is built on two main categories of mystery: the mystery of key characters' true superpower potential (Deku and Shikgaraki, All For One), and the mystery of key characters' true identities and origins. No doubt the most popular of those is the Dabi Origin Theory. Ever since My Hero Academia introduced the League of Villains' psycho pyromaniac, fans have leaned heavily into a theory about who he truly is. Now that the manga is outright trolling fans over the reveal, and it feels like this little mystery has officially worn out its welcome. My Hero Academia officially needs to end the mystery of Dabi's real name!

At this point, it just seems ridiculous that My Hero Academia is dragging out Dabi's name reveal like this. As stated, it's been one of the longest-running fan theories that Dabi is actually Toya Todoroki, the eldest son of Enji Todoroki ( No. 1 Hero Endeavor), and the oldest brother of Shoto Todoroki. Drip by drip, MHA creator Kohei Horikoshi has been filling in bits of the Todoroki family history, which have repeatedly hinted at a Dabi connection.

Basically, the Todoroki family was traumatized by Endeavor, who desperately wanted to produce a child with an even more powerful quirk than his own. Toya was his first failure; the boy had a powerful better flame power than his father, but his mother quirk power influence (ice) made Toya unable to full master his flames. Endeavor allegedly rejected his son for that same reason, turning his attention to the younger kids (and eventually solely on Shoto's flame/ice combined power).

The connections between Dabi and Toya Todoroki have grown so strong, over so much time, that there's pretty much just one of two ways this ultimately plays out:

  1. It's confirmed that Dabi is Toya, setting up a major dramatic arc for Endeavor, Shoto and Dabi.
  2. The fan theory is used to subvert expectations with the major reveal that Dabi is not Toya Todoroki at all.

As you can read below, My Hero Academia's manga has now brought Dabi into the limelight in a big way, and pretty much anoints now as the time in which this mystery needs to be answered.

Warning - My Hero Academia Manga SPOILERS Follow!

My Hero Academia Anime Manga Dabi True Identity Power Stain Connection

In the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga (267), the Pro Hero world is in all-out war with the combined might of the League of Villains and Meta Liberation Front. The heroes spy in the villains' ranks, Hawks, kills Twice to stop his army of clones from overwhelming the good guys' army, which makes Dabi roast Hawks in retaliation for his fallen friend. It's then that Dabi reveals to Hawks that he's actually an independent agent just using the League of Villains to further his own ends.

Dabi is actually a disciple of Hero-Killer Stain, who wants to topple the system of Pro Heroes for hire. Hawks is perplexed at being outfoxed so badly by Dabi and asks just who the villain really is. Dabi tells him (to Hawks' utter shock and horror), but the manga blacks out the dialogue bubble that reveals the Dabi's true name.

End of Manga Spoilers


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