My Hero Academia Deals a Savage Blow to Nejire

My Hero Academia latest chapter shocked fans with a surprise comeback (Spoilers), as Miro Togata's [...]

My Hero Academia latest chapter shocked fans with a surprise comeback (Spoilers), as Miro Togata's powers returned in time for him to intervene in the big hero/villain war. However, Lemillion's big return was just part of the big exchange of fortune that unfolds for U.A.'s "Big Three" in My Hero Academia chapter 292. Because just as Lemillion was making his long-awaited return, his Big Three teammate Nejire Hado just suffered a hard hit that might end up taking her out of active duty for the foreseeable future. Seems My Hero Academia's Big Three just can't get the reunion they've been hoping for...

Warning: My Hero Academia Chapter 292 SPOILERS Follow!

Nejire was one of the heavy-hitters that the pro hero squad recruited to act as the calvary for no. 1 hero Endeavor, who was battling Tomura Shigaraki alongside Izuku Midoriya and Bakugo. She arrived on the scene along with Lida, but unfortunately, The League of Villains also arrived with their own backup, in the form of Shigaraki's Gigantomachia monster. Gigantomachia came barreling into the fight like a tank, carrying the League of Villains on his back. Nejire showed no fear, unleashing the full might of her wave motion shockwaves. However, it wasn't enough to stop Gigantomachia - or Dabi, who arrived at the battle with the emotional blow of revealing he is Endeavor's son.

My Hero Academia Manga 292 Spoilers Nejire Dead Injured Dabi
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In My Hero Academia chapter 292, the pro heroes narrowly being annihilated by Dabi and the League of Villains thanks to the shocking return of Best Jeanist, who was thought dead. Jeanist's surprise attack temporarily snares the villains in a net of fabric. Nejire tries to capitalize on the temporary advantage by attacking - and she pays a severe price for it. Dabi's flames burn through Jeanist's fabric thread like paper and the flamebug villain roasts Nejire with a massive blast!

As stated, it seems the members of U.A. "Big Three" are cursed. No sooner does Miro return from his injury fighting Overhaul, Nejire gets taken out hard fighting Dabi. It's fair for fans to be freaking out about this particular blow to the heroes: Nejire is popular enough to cause a massive uproar in the fandom if she dies or is incapacitated - but not major enough to be in the 'guaranteed safe zone' of making characters like Izuku, Bakugo, or even Miro.

So did My Hero Academia truly take out one of its Best Girls? we'll soon find out.

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