'My Hero Academia' Film Shares Explosive New Clips

New clips from My Hero Academia: Two Heroes shocase the incredible action sequences in store for [...]

New clips from My Hero Academia: Two Heroes shocase the incredible action sequences in store for fans, as well as the painstaking animation.

With just over a month until the U.S. premiere date, the official Twitter account for the My Hero Academia film shared a few new clips to tease overseas fans. The new shots put the final product side-by-side with early animation drafts, emphasizing the incredible work that went into this production.

Three of the clips center on All Might, who is still able to achieve his powerful form in the film. Seeing the Symbol of Peace back in action likely comes as a breath of fresh air to many fans, who have been haunted by the bleak prospects of the hero world in recent episodes.

One of the clips, however, focuses on Midoriya himself. In his One for All Full Cowling form, he lept around on a moving platform as he went up against a villain, whose face was apparently plastered in metal.

The movie has already become a massive success in Japan, where it premiered on Aug. 3. It reportedly pulled in 500,320,000 yen in its first three days -- the equivalent of $4.49 million in the U.S. it was the #4 film in its opening weekend -- not bad at all for an animated feature.

Of course, a few lucky fans saw the film at the beginning of the summer. An exclusive world premiere was held at Anime Expo in Los Angeles on July 5. Hosted by Funimation and TOHO, the event showed the film in Japanese with English subtitles, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

For those that have not heard, the film is set at the beginning of summer vacation fo U.A. students. After the stress of finals, Midoriya and All Might receive a strange invitation to an artifical city called I-Island, moving through the ocean. Before leaving for the summer training camp, they decide to accept.

I-Island, as it turns out, is a kind of "science Hollywood," according to Funimation's synopsis. There, they attend an "I-Expo," where research on quirks and hero technology is on full display. However, it is not long before villains breach the island's security system and take all the guests hostage. All Might and Deku are forced to act to prevent cataclysmic events that could alter hero society forever.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes will debut in North America in 400 theaters across the U.S. and Canada. Screenings will be held on Sep. 25, 26, 27, 29 and Oct. 2. The full details are available on the film's official website.