My Hero Academia Shatters Another Manga Record

My Hero Academia's manga is prepping to bid farewell to the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, with Kohei Horikoshi telling the tale of UA Academy's final fight against Shigaraki, the League of Villains, and All For One. With the anime adaptation helping in pushing its source material to new heights, the Shonen franchise has released news on how many copies are currently in circulation, with recent numbers going up by leaps and bounds thanks to both the anime's War Arc and the final storyline.

Both the War Arc and the Final Arc see Deku and his friends at UA Academy teaming up with professional heroes in an attempt to save Hero Society while facing down some perilous odds, as Shigaraki and All For One have amassed quite the army to help create a world that favors the strong over the weak. With the latest chapters of the manga seeming to turn the tide in favor of the heroes, while the antagonists still have several aces in the hole, the most recent chapter has given us the beginnings of what might be the final confrontation between Izuku Midoriya and Shigaraki as All For One and One For All face off once again.

My Record Academia

The Official Twitter Account of My Hero Academia confirmed that there are currently eighty-five million copies of the Shonen's manga, which is an astonishing number considering that at this same time one year ago, the manga had twenty million fewer physical copies in the wild around the world:

Unfortunately, creator Kohei Horikoshi recently announced that his manga series would be going on hiatus for two weeks, with the mangaka suffering from some health issues as he stated recently that his shoulder was in dire straits. While the artist has confirmed that My Hero Academia would end with this latest storyline, he hasn't given a specific date or chapter that will end Deku and his fellow super-powered teens' journey. On the flip side, the anime adaptation from Studio Bones also hasn't confirmed how many more seasons and/or movies the franchise has in the tank.

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