My Hero Academia Assistant Lights Dabi Up in New Sketch

Dabi has become one of the most popular members of the League of Villains, with the hotter than hot antagonist set to play a major role in the final battle of My Hero Academia. With the villain's origin set to arrive in the sixth season of the shonen franchise's anime adaptation arriving later this year, new official artwork has arrived to give us a new take on the twisted Firestarter from an assistant to creator Kohei Horikoshi that captures the menace of Dabi. 

Dabi is definitely the definition of a tragic character, with the villain being revealed in the pages of the manga to be the son of Endeavor and brother of Shoto. With the current number one hero set to torture his children in order to make them heroes worthy of defeating All Might, Dabi was pushed over the edge once it was determined that he would not be the star of his family thanks in part to his youngest brothers mastery of both fire and ice. Joining up with Shigaraki's crew following the defeat of Stain, Dabi has remained one of the most terrifying young villains that Class 1-A has tangled with over the years of the Shonen series.

Yoko Akiyama, an assistant to Kohei Horikoshi on My Hero Academia, gave fans a new take on Dabi as the final arc of the series has set the stage for a family reunion that is sure to only end in tears and bloodshed as the fate of Hero Society hangs in the balance:

Besides having a major role to play in the manga, Dabi is set to make a dramatic return later this year when My Hero Academia adapts the story of the War Arc with its sixth season landing this fall. With Shigaraki's forces being bolstered thanks to the League's acquisition of the resources of the Meta Liberation Army, this season is set to be the most dangerous for our young heroes within the anime adaptation. 

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