My Hero Academia Celebrates Its Final Act with New Promo

My Hero Academia is about to come to an end, with the final battle between Deku and his friends and the forces of All For One playing out in the pages of the Shonen's manga. While the mangaka has yet to confirm if he'll eventually return to tell more stories from UA Academy, the anime adaptation is still going strong and a new trailer is helping to promote a recent volume of My Hero Academia's manga by taking a trip to the past.

The new trailer features a walk down memory lane, with All Might taking center stage as the former number one hero was forced to retire from the hero game as a result of his one-on-one battle with All For One. While the Symbol of Peace might not be on the frontlines during the final battle of the series, Toshinori Yagi is currently helping the heroes of Class 1-A and his fellow crime fighters in this massive battle, offering advice as well as tactical expertise when it comes to fighting against his arch-enemy. With Horikoshi clearly having no problem killing characters in the past, no hero or villain is safe in this final battle.

Twitter Outlet WSJ_Manga shared this new trailer for My Hero Academia's manga volume, Volume 34, which focuses on the beginning of the final arc of the Shonen series, which has already seen some of the biggest fights of the series take place, including the likes of Shoto Todoroki fighting against Dabi:

Kohei Horikoshi has stated in the past that he is looking to move on from My Hero Academia, hinting at the idea that he would love to try his hand at a horror manga if given the opportunity. While many are crossing their fingers that the Shonen series will arrive with a sequel eventually, in a similar vein as Naruto: Shippuden, this has yet to be confirmed, though seeing Class 1-A as adult heroes down the line would certainly make many anime fans' wish list.

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