New My Hero Academia TV Spot Showcases Izuku's Growing Power

One of the biggest unanswered questions from the fourth season of My Hero Academia was the secret [...]

One of the biggest unanswered questions from the fourth season of My Hero Academia was the secret of One For All, with the season finale seeing Midoriya coming into contact with his predecessors who once harbored the insane Quirk, and a recent television spot shows that Izuku's power is only on the rise. Luckily, Deku will have the perfect opportunity to show off his mettle as both himself and his fellow students in Class 1-A will participate in a training exercise that pits our heroes against their rivals in Class 1-B, and maybe a villain or two.

Deku won't be the only one that is getting the spotlight in this upcoming season, with Class 1-A students Bakugo, Uravity, Froppy, and several others getting their own moments to shine in this next big arc. However, should this season follow the events of the manga that it has used as its source material up to this point, expect to learn far more about the League of Villains as Shigaraki and his crew will have to face down a threat of their own, following the likes of Overhaul and Gentle Criminal dominating the landscape in the previous season.

The Official Anime TV Twitter Account shared this first look at this brand new television spot which focuses not only on a powered-up Midoriya, but his fellow students in Class 1-A battling against their rivals in 1-B that have been itching to show their stuff since the franchise began years ago:

Season Five would hardly be the first time that we've seen the students of Class 1-A participating in a training exercise, as the series has thrown the young heroes through the wringer a number of times to bolster their mastery of their respective Quirks. This upcoming training exercise is definitely going to be one of their toughest yet as they'll be facing off with their rivals that have a serious ax to grind with the students of 1-A.

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