My Hero Academia Season 5 Synopsis Refutes Recap Reports

My Hero Academia is a week out from its big comeback, and fans are understandably ready for its [...]

My Hero Academia is a week out from its big comeback, and fans are understandably ready for its return. The show is slated to send out its first episode of season five on March 27, and reports have run wild about the premiere. For a while now, rumors have suggested the debut would be all recap as usual, but the synopsis for episode one seems to refute that idea.

Over on Twitter, fan-page Atsushi101X made fans do a double-take when they translated the official synopsis for season five's premiere. It was there netizens were told all about an original episode, but no part of the blurb even hints at a recap.

My Hero Academia Ochaco Cosplay
(Photo: Studio Bones)

The episode, which is titled "Everyone Dispatch! Class 1A!", plans to set up the third My Hero Academia movie. You can find its synopsis below, and you'll find it makes no mention of any anime flashbacks or recaps.

"When Izuku and the others were spending their morning in the 1A classroom, there's an announcement that they'll have an 'emergency training'. The topic is 'villains are infiltrating UA High School'. This time, the ones who will act as villains are Hado and Tamaki. While struggling in their fight, each and every one of 1A students is making the best use of their quirks and they fight with everything they have."

As you can see, this first episode will be an intense one, and it sets up a new sort of training situation for our heroes. There is always a chance some flashbacks will make their way into this My Hero Academia episode as a refresher for fans, but there is no promise of such. So if you need to catch up on the anime ahead of season five, well - you have a few days left before its premiere goes live!

What do you make of this new synopsis? Do you think My Hero Academia will sneak some recap info into this premiere...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.