My Hero Academia Confirms Season 5 Release Date with New Promo

While the release date for My Hero Academia's fifth season was revealed on the eve of Jump Festa [...]

While the release date for My Hero Academia's fifth season was revealed on the eve of Jump Festa 2021, an official confirmation for the premiere date of the first episode of the anime has landed alongside a new promo that will see these new episodes focus on the "Training Arc"! With Class 1-A pitting their Quirks against their counterparts in Class 1-B, the students of UA Academy will have far more danger on their hands to deal with than they had originally thought possible as the League of Villains is looking to make a big comeback during this season!

The fourth season came to a close following the titanic battles against not only the head of the Yakuza in Overhaul, but also against the lower tier antagonist known as Gentle Criminal. With the final moments of season four's finale focusing on Midoriya seemingly learning new details about his Quirk that he inherited from All Might in One For All, it seems as if the previous inheritors of the power are still bouncing around inside of Deku's head, which points to some big developments for the protagonist of My Hero Academia when it comes to the next big season of the anime!

The Official Twitter Account for My Hero Academia shared a brand new trailer for the Shonen series' fifth season, as well as confirming that the anime will be making its big return next year on March 27th, kicking things off with the introduction of the Training Arc:

With the creator of the Shonen series hinting that the series might be coming to an end sooner rather than later, Jump Festa is turning out to be a big event for the students of UA Academy!

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