My Hero Academia Season 5 Premiere Date Surfaces Online

The fifth season of My Hero Academia is set to return to the world of UA Academy, exploring a [...]

The fifth season of My Hero Academia is set to return to the world of UA Academy, exploring a number of new aspects of the world as Class 1-A attempts to move closer to becoming full-fledged crime fighters, and it seems that if on the eve of this year's Jump Festa, the release date for the anime's return has been revealed! With the manga following the life or death battles currently taking place during the War Arc, season five will have some big surprises for fans that have been following the adventures of Midoriya and his friends since the beginning!

The fourth season of the anime created by Kohei Horikoshi focused on Class 1-A fighting against the underworld in the form of Overhaul and his gang of Yakuza, followed by a far less dangerous fight with the enemies of Gentle Criminal and La Brava. As the anime hit its finale for this season by focusing on Endeavor and Hawks battling against a new threat in the High-End Nomu, it's clear that the League of Villains have been working behind the scenes to achieve their dreams, even if they weren't as prominent during the fourth season overall. With Season Five adapting some big stories from the manga, there is plenty to look forward to for this one!

Twitter User WSJ_Manga revealed the potential release date as March 27th of next year, letting fans of My Hero Academia know that they only have a few months wait before witnessing the new adventures of UA Academy as they train alongside their fellow students in Class 1-B:

Season Five will focus on the "Joint Training Arc", a storyline from the manga that sees Class 1-A competing against their classmates of Class 1-B, leading to Midoriya discovering some new secrets behind his Quirk in the process. Most likely, the other storyline that will be adapted will dive further into the origins of Shigaraki and unveil plenty of big moments for the future of the League of Villains!

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