My Hero Academia Almost Really Killed Its Main Characters

My Hero Academia is the hottest series going on under Shueisha's reach, and chapter 275 made that [...]

My Hero Academia is the hottest series going on under Shueisha's reach, and chapter 275 made that abundantly clear. The new issue went live over the weekend to the shock of millions who were awaiting its release. For some time now, the Pro Heroes have been locked in a raid with the villains, but things escalated exponentially when a fully powered Shigaraki awoke on the scene. And in this most recent chapter, the bad guy almost ended it all by killing two heroes.

So be warned! There are huge spoilers below for My Hero Academia chapter 275 below:

The new entry gets off to a tense foot as Izuku and Bakugo are shown running away from their friends to redirect Shigaraki's ire. The baddie is gunning for One For All, and Shigaraki has the power to take it. After all, the power of All For One rests with him now, and he catches up to Izuku and Bakugo before the pair know it.

my hero academia 275
(Photo: Shueisha)

Using his Decay Quirk, Shigaraki tells Izuku to hand over his power ASAP, and he begins to use his newly boosted powers in a show of force. Shigaraki does not even have to touch an object or person to decay them now, and the Class 1-A students learn that first hand. After all, their faces begin to decay as Izuku and Bakugo watch on in horror.

The only reason the pair survived - and we really do mean the ONLY reason - is because of Gran Torino. The old man made a beeline for Izuku after hearing Shigaraki mutter about One For All on the radio, and he miraculously located his student before it was too late. The old man's quick moves saved the students from annihilation, but Shigaraki is still set on taking Izuku's Quirk. From here on out, the hero has never been in more danger, and the threat of All For One just became more real than ever before.

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