This Impressive Overwatch Anime Opening Was Made by a Single Fan: Watch

Overwatch is one of the biggest games out there, and it has dipped its toes into other venues [...]

Overwatch is one of the biggest games out there, and it has dipped its toes into other venues aside from video games. In the past, Overwatch has explored comics as well as anime promos, but the latter was not enough to pacify the anime fandom. That is why one artist singlehandedly animated an anime opening for Overwatch, and it is a true thing of beauty.

The video was posted to Youtube not long ago by the user Joshee Kis. The animator decided it was time for Overwatch to get a serious anime entry, and their singlehanded work compares to those specials done by League of Legends and beyond. In fact, as you can see above, this opening shows enough promises that Blizzard could certainly justify making a Castlevania-esque anime based on the popular game.

This opening is modeled after one of the most popular created for My Hero Academia. He named his opening after the hit anime, and it uses the same song to boot. By following the same beats as the My Hero Academia opening, Kis could focus on creating a narrative in this nearly 2-minute clip, and they do so with great success.

overwatch anime opening
(Photo: Joshee Kis)

As you can tell, just about every Overwatch hero is in this game from Mercy to Mei and Genji. It is hard to overstate how impressive it is that one person animated this opening alone, but Kis has the skills. The animator dabbles with lots of sakuga elements in this opening, and their action choreography is on point. The fights use a smear effect to great use, and Kis' has got much of the Overwatch fandom pleading for an anime once again. Now, if only Blizzard would listen...

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