There's No New My Hero Academia Chapter This Week

The Paranormal Liberation War Arc has already claimed a number of casualties on the side of both [...]

The Paranormal Liberation War Arc has already claimed a number of casualties on the side of both the heroes and the villains, but fans will have to wait for an additional week to see the next big phase of the story line that has been one of the biggest of My Hero Academia to date. With a number of anime franchises being delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the next installment of the heroes of UA Academy is taking a week long break to play catch up and give creator Kohei Horikoshi some time to create the next chapter.

Warning! If you haven't caught up with the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory for the Paranormal Liberation War Arc!

The latest chapter of the popular anime series featured quite the cliffhanger, as the newly empowered Shigaraki came face to face with the current wielder of the Quirk of One For All in Midoriya, alongside his rival of Bakugo, only to be interrupted by the professional heroes that are fighting on behalf of the righteous of the world. With the likes of Ryukyu, Gran Torino, and Eraserhead pitting themselves against the decaying leader of the League of Villains, we have to wonder which, if any, of these heroes will be able to survive the current story line.

My Hero Academia Manga Delayed
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Many fans on social media believe that this might be the final straw for Eraserhead, the Quirk negating hero that has made a name for himself in the series as the teacher for Class 1-A. Recently, in both the main series and My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, we have been given an in-depth look into Aizawa's past, as well as his reactions to the recent terrible events that have led up to this all out war. With the spotlight focusing on Eraserhead for some time, it's no surprise to see that many believe that this might be the final curtain call for the one time vigilante.

Losing Eraserhead would make for a gigantic blow to the heroes, as his Quirk of temporarily negating enemy Quirks has been a godsend time and time again. We imagine that if Aizawa does indeed bite the bullet, he'll go out in a flash of glory.

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