My Hero Academia Promo Teases Episode 100 Milestone

My Hero Academia is teasing its massive 100th episode milestone with a promo giving us a look at [...]

My Hero Academia is teasing its massive 100th episode milestone with a promo giving us a look at what's to come next! The Joint Training arc from Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series officially came to an end with the newest episode as Izuku and his group were able to defeat Shinso's Class 1-B group to end the training exercise. Before the fifth season can properly move onto its next big story for the final half of the episodes, there are still some lingering plot threads and developments that need cleaning up like Izuku Midoriya's sudden new One For All power.

With Izuku now confused thanks to the massive revelation that there are even more abilities tucked away within One For All (and thus more powers to master through arduous training), he'll be reaching out to All Might and Katsuki Bakugo to figure out his next move. Other characters like Hitoshi Shinso are still hanging in the balance, and thus this next episode will be doing lots of work to end this arc properly and set the final pieces in place for what's coming next. Check out the promo for Episode 100 below:

Episode 100 of My Hero Academia is titled "The New Power and All For One," and it's described as such, "The joint training is over, and Class A is the winner. Shinso was feeling overwhelmed by all the amazing performances by everyone in the Hero Course, but Deku reassures him that his quick decisions were incredible and that's why he'll be joining the Hero Course in their second year. After that, Deku, All Might, and Bakugo go to the nap room to talk about Black Whip."

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