My Hero Academia Drops First Stills of Episode 100

If you have been keeping up with My Hero Academia, then you know the series just welcomed a big [...]

If you have been keeping up with My Hero Academia, then you know the series just welcomed a big change. Season five is moving along at a fast clip, and the show itself is about to welcome a major milestone. My Hero Academia will welcome its 100th episode next week, and its first stills have gone live.

As you can see below, the promo for episode 100 is what brought these stills to life. My Hero Academia has big plans for what will happen in its next release. After all, Izuku has some explaining to do in light of One For All's outburst, and it seems there are even more surprises coming in episode 100.

The first still teases a conversation between Izuku and Shoto, so you can guess what he will be asking about. The boy saw the kind of power Izuku let loose during his battle with Monoma. As someone with two quirks, Shoto is going to have questions about Izuku's sudden display, so it will be fun to see our hero talk his way out of this.

The rest of the My Hero Academia stills show a conversation Mirio has with Eri, so it is good to see the girl in high spirits. A second photo shows Eraserhead and Present Mic having a conversation, and you can bet it has to do with Shinso. After all, the General Student showed up big time in the anime's most recent arc. And finally, the last still focuses on Bakugo as the boy stares at an unseen subject with intense focus.

Clearly, episode 100 is going to transition season five from its latest arc into the next, so My Hero Academia fans can expect some lighthearted fun from this release. But with One For All changing so much, it is hard to say how Izuku's face-to-face with All Might is going to go.

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