My Hero Academia Uncovers Its Top Heroes with Popularity Poll Combo

My Hero Academia has hundreds of characters to its name now, but some of them are bigger than [...]

My Hero Academia has hundreds of characters to its name now, but some of them are bigger than others. When you look at the series from afar, guys like Izuku and All Might are clear favorites with fans. A slew of popularity polls over the years have shown this fact to be true, and now those polls have been combined to figure out the most beloved heroes in all of the manga.

The whole thing came together courtesy of Twitter user sandypsyche after they decided to see where the data went. The fan took all six official popularity polls from My Hero Academia before doing the math. The crunch gave them the top 80 heroes in the manga, and the top ten will not surprise anyone.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

In first place, Bakugo Katsuki came in first with over 65,000 votes. Shoto Todoroki took in second place with over 41,000 votes before the third-place spot checked on Izuku with 36,525 votes. The fourth spot pushed forward with Eijiro Kirishima who earned 11,793 votes while Tenya Ida gladly accepted fifth place with 10,860 votes total.

The My Hero Academia poll moves into four-digit numbers with sixth place as Shota Aizawa had 8,765 votes. Seventh place went to Hawks with 6,687 before All Might (6,363) and Momo Yaoyorozu (5,784) hit the list. As for tenth place, Ochaco Uraraka brought up the rear with 5,543 votes.

In fact, when you look at the top 20 picks, you will find most of Class 1-A listed. But as you can guess, there are some surprises there and on the list overall. Yo Shindo managed to nab 17th place ahead of Asui and Shinso. It is also worth noting that no villains made the top list as Toga is the first ranked 22nd. She is joined by Dabi who ranked 25th in this combo, and Shigaraki is not even registered even though Overhaul and Twice are.

Clearly, fans have their favorites when it comes to My Hero Academia. More than 265,000 votes were tallied to find this ranking, so Bakugo would be happy to accept his victory here. And if your top hero did not make the cute, well - you might want to start submitting your vote to Shueisha ASAP.

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