My Hero Academia Promo Introduces Izuku's New Internship

Back in the day, Izuku Midoriya would have given anything to simply have a quirk, but My Hero [...]

Back in the day, Izuku Midoriya would have given anything to simply have a quirk, but My Hero Academia has brought him a long way. The hero not only has one of the most revered powers to ever exist but he is training under the very best. From All Might to Gran Torino, Izuku has worked with just about everyone, but it seems a new internship is about to test Izuku like never before.

Recently, My Hero Academia took fans by surprise when it gave an update on season five. It was there the anime told audiences the season's next arc would shake up the manga. Rather than focus on the villains, season five is going to tackle Izuku's next big internship, and he will be shadowing Endeavor of all people.

Yes, you read that right. Izuku Midoriya is willing working with Enji Todoroki in this new arc, and he isn't alone. Izuku will be interning with Shoto and Bakugo, so you know things are about to get very interesting in My Hero Academia.

As you can see above, a new promo went live to hype the Endeavor Agency arc, and it gives fans a look at this new job. Izuku is seen preparing for his work with Endeavor, and the Number One hero makes it clear he won't hold back just because of the newcomers. The hero is still focused on Shoto's progress, so Izuku is going to have to impress Endeavor if he wants any meaningful training.

This My Hero Academia arc will come as a surprise to some given Izuku's relationship with Endeavor, and you cannot blame them one bit. The Number One hero is a right jerk, and his penance to Shoto has been thin to say the least. This arc will give way to Endeavor building up his redemption arc, so we all know this mission is going to be wild. And if Izuku can help Endeavor better himself, we are here for it!

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