My Hero Academia Synopsis Sets Up Season Five's New Arc

My Hero Academia kicked off season five earlier this year, and it has been met with solid reviews [...]

My Hero Academia kicked off season five earlier this year, and it has been met with solid reviews since. After all, Izuku's role during the Joint Training arc left fans stunned, and he is working hard to master his use of Black Whip. But first, Izuku has a job to do, and a brand-new synopsis is teasing all that is in store for season five's new arc.

The update comes courtesy of Shonen Jump's latest issue. It was there a blurb went live describing season five's second arc, and the My Hero Academia description teases an Inko reunion.

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"Deku has only one day to go back home while being escorted by a pro hero, so he tells his mom everything he accomplished recently. A new year is here and an internship with the Number One [hero] starts. Right from the start, Endeavor goes after a villain, but Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki are right behind him. Will they be able to defeat him? Agitated [times] are coming," the blurb reads via RukasuMHA. (Atsushix101)

As you can imagine, this blurb has My Hero Academia fans all geeked out, and it is easy to see why. Manga readers are the first to say the Endeavor Agency arc is the absolute best. The aside dug up all sorts of emotions back in the day, and now, the anime is ready to explore that story for itself.

Of course, there are some fans who are confused by the whole thing. After all, My Hero Academia is going out of order with this. The manga tackled the Meta Liberation Army arc before Endeavo came along, but the show knows what it is doing. By swapping these arcs, season five will leave off with the most delicious cliffhanger, so you can understand why the team chose to shake things up.

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