My Hero Academia Creator Celebrates the Holidays With New Season 5 Sketch

My Hero Academia's creator celebrated the holidays with a new sketch honoring the newest episode [...]

My Hero Academia's creator celebrated the holidays with a new sketch honoring the newest episode of the fifth season! Now that the anime has officially crossed over its monumental 100th episode milestone, the series is gearing up for some pretty big things to come. The newest episode of the fifth season takes the first official step into this new era of the anime as it lays the groundwork for the next big arc to come. But as the series continues to enjoy the calm before the storm, the young Class 1-A heroes got some time to celebrate the holidays.

Episode 101 of the series saw Izuku Midoriya and the other heroes celebrate the Christmas holiday season, and while it stands out in the hot Summer months of the Spring and Summer 2021 anime schedule, it's actually the final bit before some huge intense things to come in the rest of the series. Series creator Kohei Horikoshi celebrated this new break as well with a special holiday themed sketch for Episode 101. Check it out below:

The fifth season of My Hero Academia has shaken things up quite a bit more than fans might have expected with this newest episode as well. Fans might have noticed how these holiday celebrations take place much later in the manga than they did in the anime, and that was further confirmed with the series teasing that the next arc will officially be the Endeavor Agency arc rather than the villain focused one fans had been hoping to see.

This was teased in Episode 101 as well as Izuku and the others are celebrating while also hearing of a strange incident happening a few days before. Not to worry as while the Endeavor Agency arc is set to begin with the anime series, we'll be seeing the fan favorite My Villain Academia arc before the fifth season comes to an end. This is all just building to an intense end for Season 5 and an even more intense sixth season to come.

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