My Hero Academia Creator Reveals New Sketch of All Might's Mentor

Kohei Horikoshi is currently working on the Final Arc of his fan-favorite Shonen series, My Hero Academia, but the mangaka has taken the opportunity to release new art work for each new episode of the anime adaptation. With the War Arc taking place in season six, the latest installment has brought back a deceased character who remains a part of the series thanks in part to her connection to One For All. Nana Shimura might be dead, but her shadow continues to loom large.       

Nana Shimura gave everything she had when it came to protecting the world as a superhero, becoming the crime fighter to inherit One For All before All Might had done the same. Unlike Toshinori Yagi and Izuku Midoriya, Shimura did have a Quirk of her own before she was given this Quirk that is made up of various superpowers, with her power of "Float" making her a beloved hero. In recent episodes of the Paranormal Liberation War, Deku exhibited the ability to use Float himself for the first time while fighting against Shigaraki in the "real world", showing how far Izuku has come since he first was given One For All by All Might.

My Nana Academia

Kohei Horikoshi shared the new sketch of Nana Shimura thanks to her return to My Hero Academia this week, lending Midoriya a serious hand when it came to making sure that the young hero was the only one to hold onto One For All while ducking the assault launched by both Shigaraki and All For One:

Shimura's story is a tragic one thanks in part to her decision to leave her family caused her son to become bitter against the hero community, which in turn would eventually lead to Shigaraki inadvertently destroying his family and falling into the hands of All For One. While we've seen glimpses of Nana Shimura's career in the past of the Shonen series, there are still more than a few mysteries that surround how she fought alongside All Might and Gran Torino in her days before she fell in battle. 


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