My Hero Academia Season 6 Outs Endeavor's Most Vile Scene Yet

My Hero Academia's sixth season has taken us into some dark territory with the flashback sequence exploring the earlier days of the Todoroki family. With the number one hero Endeavor looking to forge his offspring into heroes that could potentially overtake All Might at the top of the food chain, the latest installment of the anime adaptation sees Enji Todoroki performing the vilest acts that we've seen him undertake so far. Needless to say, Endeavor's redemption is one that will require some serious work to take place.

Endeavor was attempting to make children that could one day defeat All Might, going to serious lengths in order to do so by marrying the ice-wielder known as Rei Himura. Hoping that his offspring would develop Quirks that gave them mastery over fire and ice, he began training his oldest child, Toya, in entering the hero game, but thanks to the future Dabi's lack of ice powers, he was eventually pushed to the side. Unfortunately for Endeavor, Toya wasn't taking his exile from the crime-fighting game lying down and was training in secret which not only caused his body to be covered in burns but led to the event that saw Endeavor at his absolute lowest. 

Endeavor's Lowest Moment

In a particularly disturbing moment, Endeavor hits his partner Rei, blaming her for not stopping Toya from training in secret and hurting himself in a bid to become the next great hero and in doing so, gaining the pride of his father as a result:

Having learned that Toya survived the accident and would go on to become the villain Dabi, swearing revenge against his father and dedicating his life to destroying the number one hero, Endeavor is in the extremely difficult position of needing to battle his own son to help save Hero Society. Unfortunately, Enji won't commit to fighting his own son, meaning that the responsibility is going to fall on Shoto Todoroki, the member of Class 1-A whose mastery of fire and ice has made him one of UA Academy's strongest students. 

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