My Hero Academia Unleashes Its Next Big Meme

My Hero Academia's sixth season has surprisingly explored even darker territory than the previous War Arc with its latest flashback showing how Toya Todoroki transformed from the potential future hero that would overtake All Might to the villainous Dabi hellbent on revenge against his father. With the heart-wrenching story exploring Toya's violent outburst to the birth of his youngest brother Shoto, a new hilariously dark meme has arisen to show just how sad Endeavor's quest to overtake All Might via his children truly was.

Dabi's reveal as the eldest son of the current number one hero was one of the most shocking moments of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, with the hot-headed villain wasting little time in sharing this information with the world at large. Hero Society is now reeling not just thanks to the devastation enacted by Shigaraki's forces, but a massive loss of confidence in the heroes that protect them, leading to dire consequences as we've seen in these latest episodes. Despite Shoto just being born in the recent flashback, it was clear that the fire-ice hero knew that something was wrong with the family he was born into thanks to Toya's terrifying reaction to seeing him.

Meme Hero Academia

Twitter User Daily Todoroki shared the hilarious images from the latest episode of My Hero Academia, with an unsuspecting baby Shoto coming to the realization that he was not about to have an easy life thanks to Endeavor's twisted goal of putting his kids through hell in an effort to overcome All Might:

A reckoning is on its way for the Todoroki family thanks to Dabi's reveal, as Endeavor struggles with the idea of needing to fight a son he had previously thought was dead. Much like so many other aspects of My Hero Academia, it seems that the burden will fall on the next generation as Shoto is already coming to grips with the idea that he might be the only one able to take on his deadly sibling, not just thanks to the strength of his Quirk, but also thanks to his father's declining mental state. 

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