My Hero Academia Made a Sexy Edit to Dabi in Season 6

My Hero Academia is working through season six this winter, and of course, some big things are on the horizon for our heroes. A new promo promises Izuku's quirk is about to be dressed down, and honestly, the pro heroes are just trying to cope in the wake of a villain uprising. As for our baddies, well – they are all thriving in the wake of their comeuppance. And in case you missed it, Dabi threw fans for a loop this week with a rather sexy edit.

And yes, we do mean sexy. Studio Bones decided to overhaul one of Dabi's big scenes with a wardrobe revision, and it proves Endeavor's estranged son pulls off low-rise jeans with ease.

As you can see above, My Hero Academia made a quiet yet obvious change to Dabi from the manga this week. Creator Kohei Horikoshi inked the villain long ago after his fight with Endeavor, and fans were treated to a shirtless shot. With his scars on display, Dabi was shown thinking about his past, and his usual jeans were fastened high on his waist. But of course, season six edited that.

How so? Well, it is hard to miss how the jeans on Dabi were changed. Studio Bones lowered the pants' rise to make them ultra-low to the point Dabi's hip bones are visible. And as you can imagine, the anime fandom's stans all rose up to celebrate this sexy edit.

The change was most definitely a stylistic choice, and honestly, either style suits Dabi. The character has far more to worry about these days than his pants, after all. His grunge aesthetic is a favorite with fans, yes, but Dabi is more preoccupied with making his father's life an absolute misery. And following his big Todoroki revelation, it seems Dabi's goal of ruining Endeavor is going according to plan.

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