My Hero Academia Season 6 Crowns Bakugo MVP Following His Big Save

My Hero Academia's sixth season has been pushing each of the heroes further than ever before as they fight against the villains, and the newest episode of the series has awarded Katsuki Bakugo the MVP after he made a big save! Izuku Midoriya and Bakugo have found themselves in the middle of the fight as Tomura Shigaraki has started to unleash the full slate of his power. After taking out Aizawa from the equation, now he's got the full use of all of the powers he had gotten through All For One's various experiments on the villain's body.

The newest episode of the series has seen Shigaraki gain back all of the quirks that had been held down by Shota Aizawa's Erasure power, and Deku was the only one who could keep up with the villain thanks to One For All. But as the episode rolled on it was clear that there were still many tricks literally hiding within Shigaraki, and thus Bakugo leaps into action to become the episode's MVP when he manages to save Deku at a very critical moment. 

Why is Bakugo Episode 122's MVP? 

Episode 122 of My Hero Academia sees Deku trying his best to keep Shigaraki from using his decay. That means he needs to hammer the villain with as many strong hits as he can muster, but also needs to make sure the other heroes in the area are safe. But all the while it's only Bakugo who truly understands how much danger Deku is while fighting Shigaraki this closely. It's not only the danger for his life, but the danger that the villain would get One For All's power. 

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When Shigaraki seems to be completely defeated, he starts to groan and use All For One's tendril abilities to strike down Endeavor and the other heroes. He launches an attack on Deku soon after (which would steal One For All's power), but Bakugo rushes in faster than his mind even made the decision to do so. It's this big save that's made him the MVP of the episode, so now it's a matter of seeing whether he survives taking such a big hit. 

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