My Hero Academia Reveals New Voices For One For All

One For All has been a part of Deku since his early encounter with All Might in My Hero Academia, with Izuku Midoriya attempting to follow in his hero's footsteps by taking on the title of the "Symbol of Peace". Following the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Deku is going to have to take a decidedly darker path in holding together Hero Society, and One For All will be playing a far larger role this season moving forward. Now, two new voice actors will be joining the menagerie of heroes in Deku's head.

Unlike All For One's Quirk which simply steals the powers of others who fall victim to his conquest for power, One For All holds the powers and memories of those who came before. While Deku has been tapping into his full potential thanks to his training regiment as a member of UA Academy's Class 1-A, he still has a long way to go but the sixth season's upcoming installments will see not only Izuku developing new powers, but having far more conversations with the heroes that once held the power that has made him one of the most powerful crime fighters in the world.

My One For All Academia

The Official Twitter Account for My Hero Academia shared the news that voice actor Toshiyuki Morikawa would take on the role of Hikage Shinomori, the Fourth Generation One For All, and voice actor Tetsuya Kakihara would be taking on the role of En, the Sixth Generation One For All:

Morikawa might be best known for his role as Yoshikage Kira in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable while Kakihara might be best recognized for his role as Natsu in Fairy Tail. Needless to say, based on what's about to take place in the sixth season of My Hero Academia, Deku is going to need all the help he can get with not only evading All For One and Shigaraki but also keeping Hero Society from completely falling apart. 

Currently, in the Shonen series' manga, Deku and company are struggling with the massive force that has been assembled by Shigaraki for what is billed as the final battle. 

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