My Hero Academia Sets Up Izuku's Meeting With One For All's Vestiges

My Hero Academia is now working its way through the fallout of everything that happened during the Paranormal Liberation Front War as part of the first half of Season 6, and the final moments from the newest episode of the series is teasing Izuku Midoriya's next step with his full meeting with the vestiges inside of One For All's power! Deku's use of One For All not only increased a great deal during the fight against Tomura Shigaraki, but his mastery of it did too as it started to unleash more of the powers and quirks hidden within it until now. 

Along with One For All's growing power, and the increase in Deku's quirks as a result of that growth, he has also increased his visibility of the other Vestiges as well. Not only did Nana Shimura show up within the One For All space, but the space itself has begun to change. Previous updates have teased that Deku had not woken up since the fight with Shigaraki, but as it turns out this is because he has been talking with the other past One For All users. 

(Photo: TOHO Animation)

What is Happening Within One For All? 

Episode 130 of My Hero Academia reveals that Deku has still yet to wake up despite how much time has passed (and the fact that his body has already started to recover from his injuries), and it's teased that it's because he's within One For All. As All Might sits with him, he reveals that he senses that Deku is speaking with the others as he can feel the younger part of himself within One For All's power is having that meeting. This is then furthered by the promo for the next episode. 

The next episode is teasing even more of a meeting between Deku and the previous One For All users, but this time it looks quick serious. Not only has the space within the power continued to evolve, but it's clear that with this meeting, things will change for Deku moving forward too. It's part of what will kick off the final major arc of the season, and Deku's final path with One For All for the series as a whole too. 

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