My Hero Academia Brings Gigantomachia to the Battle

My Hero Academia's sixth season has unleashed the full force of Shigaraki and his villainous forces, and while creatures like the High-End Nomu and the large numbers that make up the Paranormal Liberation Front attempt to change Hero Society for the worse, another player has entered the game. Gigantomachia has long been one of All For One's greatest assets, a behemoth who only obeys the wielder of this Quirk, and unfortunately for the heroes, the terrifying villain has received his marching orders from Shigaraki. 

Throughout the earliest episodes of My Hero Academia's sixth season, Gigantomachia mostly took an approach of sitting back and waiting for his master to deliver him orders, but with All For One currently imprisoned, it seemed as though the orders wouldn't come. As both professional crime fighters and students of UA Academy sprung their trap on the Paranormal Liberation Front, the villains' forces were caught on their back foot but are finding their second wind, especially with Shigaraki awakening with his new powers that might make him the most powerful being in the world today. 

My Hero Gigantomachia

Shigaraki sent Gigantomachia some devastating marching orders, informing the behemoth to kill any human that he saw, which is sure to be a problem for both the heroes and civilians alike. As was shown in the preview for the next new episode of My Hero Academia, it seems that both the professional crime fighters and the Class 1-A students are going to make it a priority. While Gigantomachia might not be on the same power level as Shigaraki, it seems he might be on a similar threat level as the High-End Nomu, which laid some serious pain on the Rabbit Hero Mirko.

As it stands, a handful of professional heroes have been killed thanks to Shigaraki's awakening, with the villains losing Twice as a result of Hawks' undercover assault, so fans should definitely steel themselves for potential major casualties as the Shonen's latest season continues. 

Do you think Gigantomachia will take down a few heroes during this latest season? Who do you think will ultimately prevail in this war? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.