My Hero Academia Unveils Terrifying Ace Up Shigaraki's Sleeve

My Hero Academia Season 6 has revealed a terrifying ace up Shigaraki's sleeve. "Encounter, Part 2" continues Shigaraki's nightmarish re-awakening following a months-long and hellish power-enhancing process by the mad Dr. Garaki. As soon as Shigaraki woke from his stasis, it was made abundantly clear that his disintegration quirk had been taken to the next level, as one mere touch of the floor destroyed the entire Jaku General Hospital and surrounding area, killing multiple pro heroes, villains, and civilians in its wake. If that wasn't enough, My Hero Academia episode season 6 episode 6 reveals that Shigaraki has god-level power – even without any quirks! 

WARNING: My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 6 SPOILERS! 

After Shigaraki's initial disintegration wave, Endeavor steps up his attack on the villain leader, knowing (from Hawks' detailed intel) that Shigaraki must be taken out ASAP. Endeavor puts his fiery might into it, but to no avail. Later, Shigaraki is chasing down his rival Izuku Midoriya and the One For All power; even with a surprise attack by Aizawa's Erasure quirk (taking away Shigaraki's disintegration and his stockpile of All For One's stolen quirks), the villain is able to withstand and quickly regenerate from the most intense fire attacks. 

(Photo: BONES)

The pro heroes realize at that moment what Dr. Garaki has done: essentially, he's transformed Shigaraki into the ultimate Nomu. Like All For One's pack of Frankenstein beasts, Shigaraki's body has been enhanced with multiple quirk powers that allow him to have naturally enhanced strength, speed, durability, and healing. Even with Erasure holding him back, this "Plus-Ultra Shigaraki" is said to be at a natural power level nearly equal to All Might, without any quirks. 

Hearing that kind of breakdown of Shigaraki's new powers is a lot to take in. "Encounter, Part 2" sees the danger of the villain leader ranging from a single-touch kill (disintegration) to combinations of quirks (locate, radio waves, disruption) that he can combine through AFO to shatter the heroes' entire communication network in one single attack. Add to that natural Superman-level power and invulnerability and suddenly it's hard to get a fan theory wrapped around the idea of Deku and One For All being able to match that power, at this point. 

Feels like more heroes will die before this gets better – the question is: who? 

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