My Hero Academia Gives Endeavor a Superman-Like Ability

My Hero Academia really took a page out of DC Comics' superhero Superman's book with Endeavor's own version of the famous Heat Vision power! It's no secret that series creator Kohei Horikoshi has been influenced by Western superhero comics as there have been many references to characters like Spider-Man and others in the series' past, and it seems that no matter how intense the fights between the heroes and villains is actually getting, the creator is still finding new ways to show off his knowledge of those famous comics. As Endeavor burns hotter than ever, he's quite literally on fire inside and out.  

With Endeavor now in the midst of a major fight against All for One, he is now pushing himself harder than ever before. Recklessly pushing beyond all of his pain and injuries thus far, Endeavor's fire has begun burning even hotter as a result. His rage is fueling all kinds of makeshift new attacks as he freely launches his flame in new kinds of ways, and one of the more surprising is a literal heat vision attack. But unlike Superman, Endeavor's definitely is the more brutal of the two abilities. 

Chapter 357 of My Hero Academia continues Endeavor's comeback against All For One and he's now channeled his rage into pure flames that he's letting go regardless of who might be around. This rage is helping Endeavor dig deep into a new kind of strength, and All For One is struggling to keep up with the pro hero as his flames start to burn even hotter and take shape in unique ways. When Endeavor drags All For One around, the villain tries to grab him and steal his power but Endeavor shoots fire from his eyes to completely burn through the villain's hand. 

It's a strong enough, direct flame that it stops All For One for the moment, but it's also a reckless use of Endeavor's flames as it's all shown to damage the space around his eyes as a result. His rage is now quite literally burning through Endeavor's body as he fights on, and it's the kind of strategy that could fare the best chance at actually taking down the villain but will likely leave him at a much worse state than he was when this fight began. 

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