My Hero Academia Reveals How Strong Shigaraki Has Already Become

My Hero Academia revealed just how much stronger Tomura Shigaraki has already become after the war in the newest chapter of the series! We have seen Shigaraki grow into a whole new stage of power through the course of the Paranormal Liberation Front War and beyond, but the latest string of chapters have teased that Shigaraki is much closer to his completion of absorbing All For One's abilities than we had expected. This might come with some unforeseen complications such as All For One trying to take over, but also some unforeseen strength. 

The newest chapter of the series is a great showcase of just how strong Shigaraki has already become, and provides the kind of frightening foreshadowing to just how much stronger he could be. As he fights off against the godly power of America's number one hero, Star and Stripe, he's revealed to be able to shake off her strongest efforts and come back with his own attacks without much problem. He's got a nearly indestructible body now that can seemingly absorb tons of damage without breaking down. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 331 of the series continues the fight between Shigaraki and Star and Stripe, and while it was already impressive that Shigaraki could seemingly fight through a vacuum in the previous chapter, the newest chapter takes it further as he absorbs Star and Stripe's strongest efforts without even really breaking a sweat. Using New Order to create a godly visage and ultimate attack combining bended air and energy, Shigaraki is sent flying. He's clearly recoiling from the attack, but Star and Stripe surprisingly notes how it's not enough. 

These efforts are really only enough to pin him down temporarily, and Star and Stripe has to reach out and potentially get help from her superiors in order to really try and take down Shigaraki once and for all. But if Shigaraki is able to take all of these attacks head on as he is now, what's it going to be like when he's fully complete and evolved to his strongest form? The series is clearly showing a frightening preview of what he could be like at full strength, and that's something Star and Stripe might not walk away from. 

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