My Hero Academia Spoils A Major Element of My Villain Academia

My Hero Academia's fifth season of its anime is preparing to dive into the long-awaited arc known [...]

My Hero Academia's fifth season of its anime is preparing to dive into the long-awaited arc known as the Meta Liberation Army Arc, aka My Villain Academia, but the latest episode that is on the eve of this next big storyline spoiled some major elements of the upcoming saga. Studio Bones decided to change things up with the order of the arcs in this latest season, as in the manga, the Endeavor Agency Arc took place following the saga focusing on the League of Villains, having the series unfortunately get the opportunity to spoil some big moments.

Warning. If you don't want the My Villain Academia Arc spoiled in season five of My Hero Academia, turn back now.

As we see in the final moments of the latest episode, Shigaraki is being experimented on by Dr. Garaki, the scientist who has been working with All For One in not just creating the biological terrors known as Nomu, but also in strengthening Quirks and improving the powers of the villains overall. Garaki is attempting to strengthen Shigaraki with his new experiments, and it doesn't seem to be an easy process as the protege of All For One is in extreme pain.

My Hero Academia
(Photo: Studio Bones)

One of the biggest conflicts of My Villain Academia will be Shigaraki battling against the leader of the Meta Liberation Army, ReDestro, and it's clear from this latest episode that the head of the League of Villains was able to survive the encounter. The villains themselves are planning to unleash a new attack on hero society within four months' time, harboring over one hundred thousand members as it seems Shigaraki has managed to not only survive his fight against ReDestro but become stronger as a result of it.

Garaki himself is seeking to grant Shigaraki the power of All For One, which would change the game fundamentally and give the villains such an advantage that it is hard to think of how the heroes could overcome such a threat. All of the events of the Joint Training Exercise Arc, The Endeavor Agency Arc, and My Villain Academia are setting the board for season six which will, most likely, focus predominantly on the War Arc, pitting the heroes against the villains in a battle that is rife with casualties.

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