My Hero Academia Theory Suggests Shigaraki Is About to Self-Destruct

My Hero Academia is in the hot seat these days thanks to the manga's final arc. While Izuku has lots to do before the story closes, the board is being set for how All For One and One For All will clash in their final fight. Of course, this means Shigaraki is drawing lots of attention given his power boost, and a new theory suggests the baddie isn't handling the power as well as he'd like.

The whole thing popped up online thanks to Reddit user Roboticpanda27. It was there the fan shared a growing theory about Shigaraki in the wake of his quirk transfer. If you will remember, All For One was transferred to the villain during an experimental procedure, and he has fully absorbed the power. But even if you absorb something all the way doesn't mean it is safe.

As you can see here, the theory harkens back to the vestiges Izuku met when exploring One For All. It was there the hero learned about one of his predecessors, and the low-key hero spent years keeping the quirk safe in remote locations. Izuku also learned that this user died at an early age due to his failing health, and it all began after the predecessor took on multiple quirks.

"In my final years, these cracks appeared on my body. I thought it was an unknown disease of some sort... but when Yagi dug up my medical history and autopsy report, the truth became clear," the man shared. "I say I died of old age because possessing multiple quirks effectively ate away at my very life."

The cracks lining the vestige's body are hard to miss, and now, it seems they are coming for Shigaraki. During his latest battle with Star and Stripe, a slew of these lines can be found on his body. The toll of All For One is weighing on Shigaraki, and that is no surprise. The quirk holds dozens if not hundreds of quirks, so Shigaraki's body is fully overloaded. So if it took years for One For All to kill a vestige, well - the clock is ticking even faster for Shigaraki.

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