My Hero Academia: What Happens if Shigaraki Gets Star and Stripe's Power?

My Hero Academia's manga has left fans mulling a terrifying question: What happens if the All For One and Tomura Shigaraki hybrid gets ahold of Star and Stripe's New Order quirk? Ever since the battle between AFO Shigaraki and Star and Stripe began, and we learned about the god-level power America's no. 1 hero has at her disposal, fans have been theorizing that this fight could have a disastrous end: with All For One stealing New Order for himself. And, at the end of My Hero Academia manga chapter 332, that seems like exactly the goal the archvillain is set to accomplish! 

(Warning: My Hero Academia Manga SPOILERS Follow!) 

Star and Stripe used everything in her power (and some of America's most nefarious secret weapons) to try and take out AFO Shigaraki. However, America's no. 1 hero and her team couldn't finish the job, as AFO Shigaraki used a desperate gamble to survive Star and Stripe's ultimate attack. The fight comes down to a fierce standoff: Star and Stripe can kill AFO Shigaraki, but must sacrifice one of the "Bros" on her squad in order to do it. That proves to be a sacrifice the no. 1 hero cannot make - and it may cost her everything, as the last panel of My Hero Academia chapter 332 shows AFO Shigraki finally getting a disintegrating hand on Star and Stripe's face

What happens next could change the entire trajectory of My Hero Academia's final battle. 

The first question is what will happen in this dire moment between All For One and Star and Stripe. The villain presumably won't disintegrate her completely - not until he steals her quirk - and that could be a key opening for Star and Stripe. Since AFO Shigaraki is touching her she may be able to use New Order one last time to completely turn the tables; Star and Stripe may die, but with a few words she could also keep New Order out of AFO Shigaraki's hands (or handicap the power in some way), or do something to rewrite the villan's power, or perhaps boobytrap her quirk so that AFO Shigaraki suffers some surprise penalty for using it. 


However, if AFO Shigaraki is able to, say, disintegrate Star and Stripe's face and mouth and leave the rest of her, he could have the time to steal New Order without any restrictions. That would be pure nightmare fuel. 

A lot of My Hero Academia fans are now wondering how Izuku Midoriya can win a final battle with AFO Shigaraki, if the villain has New Order. However, there are ways for Deku to still win - should the worst-case scenario happen. After all, this story has been all about Izuku going from powerless to powerful - and going from a lonely life to making a circle of friends and comrades in battle, who would die for him. AFO Shigaraki may need New Order to match the power of the entire Class 1-A squad fighting together (and boosted by OFA?). 

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