My Hero Academia Teases Fans With Class 1-A's Timeskip Designs

My Hero Academia fans have been itching for a time skip from the series ever since it started heating up its final fight between the heroes and villains, and the series creator has offered a peek at what one could look like with some adult designs for Class 1-A's students in the newest chapter of the series! It really took fans by surprise when My Hero Academia announced it was entering its Final Act some time ago, and making matters even more surprising is the fact that all of the events in the series have taken place in the span of under a single year.  

Things have escalated at such a rapid pace it can be easy to forget that this is still all the first year of school for Class 1-A's students, and that's part of why fans have been hoping to get an official time skip from the series before it's all over. Although there was one that skipped over a few weeks as the Final Act began, fans got a look at what an even longer time skip could look like as Endeavor imagines the kind of bright future Shoto Todoroki and the other young heroes could have once he's out of the fight once and for all. 

Chapter 357 of My Hero Academia is an emotional one for Endeavor as he's started his fiery comeback against All For One. He's pushing his body at a reckless pace as his flames burn through his body at a higher heat than ever before, and thus it's gotten him thinking about what could happen after the fight is over. He wants to take down All For One by any means necessary (regardless of what it will cost to his own life), and seeks this path as a sort of redemption that he must take on to leave the best possible future for his son and the others. 

It's here that Endeavor imagines what that could look like, and fans get to see the back of an adult aged Shoto walking towards the others. It's hard to gauge each of their designs, but it's clear that each of them looks just a bit taller than they are now. It's pretty funny at this point that a future time skip could lead to basically just taller versions of each character (rather than the full redesign seen in some other time skips), but then again this might not even be so far into the future. It could even be just a year or two ahead and it'll still have impact. 

But maybe we'll get much fuller designs with a fuller time skip as the series continues! What do you think? Do you want to see more of a time skip for My Hero Academia someday? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!