My Hero Academia Reveals Tokoyami's New Attack Inspired By Izuku

My Hero Academia revealed Fumikage Tokoyami's new super attack inspired by Izuku Midoriya! The [...]

My Hero Academia revealed Fumikage Tokoyami's new super attack inspired by Izuku Midoriya! The Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series continues with the latest intense chapter that has revealed a broken down and beaten Izuku. Although he has not completely fallen apart mentally as his drive to save people from All For One and Tomura Shigaraki is the only thing keeping him moving forward, his current condition is nowhere near the smiling hero that Deku first strived to be. This has been noticed by those closest to him especially, and Class 1-A wants to do their best to stop it.

The previous chapter of the series ended on a major cliffhanger that saw Izuku Midoriya standing off against Class 1-A after they had saved him from completely succumbing to exhaustion from his constant fighting. They vowed to stop him by any means necessary, and the newest chapter revealed this was a full on brawl. Revealing all sorts of techniques to put him down for now, Tokoyami revealed that his newest technique was actually inspired thanks to Izuku's help.

Chapter 320 of the series kicked off the fight between Izuku and Class 1-A, and while they try and knock some sense into him they also speak to Izuku about how much he actually means to them overall. Izuku quickly breaks out of every one of their efforts, however, and this even includes all of the upgrades and updates they have made to their respective abilities since we had last seen them in action fully following the war with the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Tokoyami then tries to wrap Izuku within his Dark Shadow, a variation of Ragnarok that he dubs "Womb." He states that this move repurposes Dark Shadow's offense and uses it more for defense, and that's an idea that Izuku gave him back during when they worked together in the Sports Festival. This goes to show just how much Izuku has had an impact on the others, and it's even sparked in the smallest ways like this.

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