My Hero Academia Reveals Aizawa's Outcast Status

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes continues to give fans of the super heroic franchise a look into the [...]

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes continues to give fans of the super heroic franchise a look into the early lives of some of its most powerful heroes. Looking into the days where the likes of Present Mic and Eraserhead attended UA Academy themselves as students rather than teachers, the latest chapter of the manga focused on just how much Aizawa was an outcast from his fellow students across the board. With Vigilantes, we see just how hard of a time Eraserhead had in his early days, long before he became the confident and stoic teacher we grew to love.

UA Academy is considered to be one of the best schools around for hero training for a reason, specifically because of its insanely rigorous schedule that has students not just training in using their quirks in battle, but also through rescuing victims and even through becoming "entertainers". Unfortunately for young Aizawa, the soon to be Eraserhead simply cannot find his strength in any of these fields.

Disparaged by his teachers and fellow classmates, Aizawa's quirk is looked down upon, even though its extremely effective. The young Eraserhead just can't figure out the best ways to utilize his "quirk erasure power", trying to get advice from the young Present Mic and the cloud wielding hero Shirakumo. As the three mull over their future, as well as their current problems of finding work study assignments, they're joined by the scantily clad Midnight.

Aizawa Eraserhead
(Photo: Viz Media)

The dark hero chats with the heroes for a bit, confident in both her appearance and her abilities, while also humorously adopting the kitten that Aizawa and Shirakumo are looking after. Luckily for the three, they do manage to have a possible work study fall into their laps, but this doesn't stop the long, hard road that Eraserhead is looking to walk as he works toward becoming a great hero.

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If you have never heard of this series, now is the best time to jump in as it's now tying in some major background information crucial to the main series! My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is a spin-off series based on original concepts from Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia. The series written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrated by Betten Court and is based on original concepts by My Hero Academia series creator Kohei Horikoshi.

You can currently read new chapters of the series at Viz Media for free at the link here, and the entire back catalog with a Shonen Jump subscription. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is officially described as such, "My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is set in a superpowered society, where there is nothing ordinary about evil anymore. Heroes, trained and licensed to protect and defend the public against supervillains, stand above all the rest. Not everyone can be a hero, however, and there are those who would use their powers to serve the people without legal sanction. But do they fight for justice in the shadows, or for reasons known only to themselves? Whatever they fight for, they are called... vigilantes."