My Hero Academia Shows Off Dabi's Brutal Look With New Cover Art

My Hero Academia has made it no secret that Shoto and Dabi have a history, with both flame wielders representing different sides as the war between the heroes and villains continues. With Dabi revealing a new transformation in the manga's pages, a new cover for the printed story has shown us the two super-powered combatants facing down one another. With the cover being in full color, it also gives us our first look at the full look at Dabi's new form.   

Dabi's origin is certainly a tragic one, and without going too deeply into spoiler territory, Endeavor's role as a father didn't do the young hothead any favors. The upcoming sixth season of the anime adaptation will focus on the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, which sees the young heroes of Class 1-A teaming up with professional crime fighters such as Endeavor, Mirko, and Hawks to take on Shigaraki's new forces, that are a result of the League of Villains combining the resources of the Meta Liberation Army with its own. This arc marks a pivotal moment for Dabi specifically and the fire-wielding antagonist will be dancing his way onto the small screen next month.

My Hero Academia's manga released the upcoming cover for the 36th volume, seeing the fire-ice hero once again coming face to face with his damaged brother, who has been able to achieve new levels with his Quirk thanks in part to some severe detriment to his own body:

(Photo: Shueisha)

While My Hero Academia's manga is in its Final Arc, the anime adaptation might have a handful of seasons left before it draws to a close. The anime also has the opportunity to continue telling original stories that take place outside of the printed page via its feature-length films, and while the fourth movie following Deku and his friends hasn't been confirmed, the upcoming Jump Festa taking place later this year might be the venue to reveal new information.

What do you think Dabi's ultimate fate will be in My Hero Academia? Do you think Endeavor can find redemption for the hell he put his family through in trying to create heroes that could overcome All Might? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy. 

Via Shonen Leaks