'My Hero Academia' Movie Teaser Reveals Young All Might

When you think of anime heroes, a lot of names will come to mind, but there is just one who truly bears the title of being plus ultra. Yagi Toshinori has become a go-to superhero in the world of anime thanks to his part in My Hero Academia, and the pro has become a favorite to millions of fans. This year, All Might will make a big anime comeback when the series returns for a third season, but that is not all. Come August, the franchise will get its first film, and its debut trailer just gave fans a surprising treat.

You know, since it did show the world what All Might in his prime looks like. And, spoiler alert — Yagi is insanely adorable.

Not long ago, Bones Inc. pushed out the first trailer for My Hero Academia: The Movie — The Two Heroes. The movie, which is slated to premiere in early August, is said to follow All Might as he and Izuku Midoriya travel to a manmade floating city above Japan. However, things get dangerous when a new troupe of villains appear, and All Might's past finds itself rearing its head.

all might
(Photo: Bones Inc)

There's little information as to why All Might's prime self appears in the film, but the movie did give fans a short glimpse of the pro in his youth. As you can see above, All Might is still rocking his usual haircut at his young age, but his face is noticeably lighter. His face isn't covered in dark shadows, and his strong chin is a little less pronounced. Most obviously, All Might's eyes are totally visible when he is like this, giving fans a never-before-seen look at his crystal blue eyes.

While My Hero Academia has focused heavily on All Might, much of his past is a mystery to fans. The series informed audiences the man was once Quirkless but was chosen to receive One For All from his mentor Nana Shimura once he entered UA Academy. The time between then and his encounter with Izuku has been kept in the dark, so fans are hopeful this debut film will give them a lesson on All Might's past.


My Hero Academia's movie is set to open August 3. The film also previously revealed its first key visual depicting a character fans have never seen before. Are you excited for this debut film? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics, k-pop, and anime!