Naruto Sets Up Amado's True Plan for Kawaki

Naruto has made Kawaki one of the most pivotal characters in the new era of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – with Kawaki essentially serving as the Sasuke to Boruto's Naruto. However, it is winding road to the time jump into the future that we saw at the start of Boruto – a future where Boruto and Kawaki are having a high-powered battle for the fate of Hidden Leaf village. The latest twist in Kawaki's story arc has been the reveal that former Kara organization scientist Amado has an ulterior motive and larger plan for keeping Kawaki close by his side! 

(WARNING: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 71 SPOILERS Follow!) 

The previous chapter of Boruto's manga saw a fight for Amado between Hidden Leaf and Kara's most lethal cyborgs, Code, Eda, and Daemon. Code ended up escaping with Amado as his hostage, and forced the mad scientist to release the power dampeners that keep Code's terrible powers in check. It seemed like Code had no more use for Amado and was going to kill him, but Amado had an ace card to play. 

Amado reveals to Ada that he has a secret about Kawaki to reveal – effectively causing a rift to form between Ada (who loves Kawaki) and Code (he hates Kawaki and wants to kill him). There's a brutal fight between Code and Daemon, which leaves Code running in retreat; to buy his life from Ada, Amado reveals the following: 

"Kawaki has regained Karma and simultaneosly inherited Isshiki's abilities. His power is likely to keep growing," Amado explains. "And as of right now there is no one in Konoha who can oppose Kawaki's power, including the Hokage – except for me."


Amado goes on to reveal that he installed Kawaki's new Karma with "A unique emergency shutdown command code that only I can use." The purpose of the subterfuge is to keep Kawaki relying on Amado, and Hidden Leaf (as well as all the other villages) in check, as Kawaki is the most powerful being around – with Amado holding his leash. 

There's more to Amado's story – a lot more, in fact. However, the mastermind schemer doesn't reveal the full scope of his plan for Kawaki to Ada – he simply uses the girl's affection for Kawaki to steer her toward an alliance with Naruto and Co. 

Boruto keeps playing with fan perceptions about how, exactly,