Naruto Drops Adorable Line of Cat Collectibles

Naruto is one of the biggest franchises in anime, and it has the merchandise to prove it. Time and [...]

Naruto is one of the biggest franchises in anime, and it has the merchandise to prove it. Time and again, the Hidden Leaf Village has found new stuff to peddle with fans, and Naruto Uzumaki has been the focus of much of it. And thanks to an adorable new line of figures, fans can welcome Team 7 to their home soon like never before.

And how might that be? Well, cats would do the trick. Naruto and the rest of Team 7 could do with a feline transformation, so that is what one Japanese company has chosen to offer up for consumers.

The brand Nyantomo has created a set of Big Nyaruto figures which reimagine the ninja of Team 7 as cats. The chibi figures are plenty cute and have different facial expressions. Of course, they are all happy faces, and that includes Sasuke; Not even the Uchiha heir could be so grumpy when he looks like such a cute cat.

naruto cute figures
(Photo: Nyantomo)

As for Naruto, the star is still wearing his usual genin outfit in all of its orange taste. The collar of the jacket is super fluffy, and Naruto looks very happy given his slanted eyes. The ninja has on a headband for good measure, and the rest of his teammates are matching.

Sakura and Sasuke having matching expressions, and that is no surprise. Sakura was always trying to copy her crush at this age, so fans should have seen this coming. As for Kakashi, it is hard to tell! The ninja is dressed in his usual flak jacket, and he has on a mask that covers his face. His headband is tilted to the side as usual, and fans are loving how the cat's fur matches his silver hair.

According to reports from Crunchyroll, this Naruto collection will be released in November. Japanese pre-orders are currently available and will be until the start of August. Each cat figure will cost less than $15, so fans are crossing their kunai that these adorable cats make their way to the States eventually!

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